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Baby Choccy

Baby Jess

Baby Louie

"I want to be a big dog"

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I want to be a big dog1.jpg (31705 bytes)

Beach baby

My first bone

Baby Louie, other side

Look what good dogs

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I'm a Daddies Boy

Best of Breed what's next Mum

Only got eye's for my Mum

Down by the River

Choccy_with_Brian1.jpg (66920 bytes) Yorkshire Gundog Jess BOB.jpg (24192 bytes) Louie in the garden.jpg (21405 bytes) Louie_Jess4.jpg (141827 bytes)

 What's so funny Mummy

Swim Jessy Swim

Stay puppy stay

Fun at the river

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Choccy_Water.jpg (13187 bytes)